We welcome you to Global Survey , the fastest growing online data-collection company in India.

Feedback is a vital part of any organization growth. Collecting feedback data is easier and faster through online panel. Investors are looking for quick and reliable data from the market on a regular basis.

Online surveys are considered as most reliable source for getting authentic responses from a target group. Global Survey is dedicated to provide a superior Online Data-collection solution by our well developed online panel, where you will find all type of internet literates, enlisted in a highly profiled way and active with us. For last five years, we are serving the industry by providing quality of data, reliability and customer service excellence. Our operation team is too much efficient to fetch you required data from the web platform.

At Global Survey , you can access the Global Reach. We are growing with a vision of having our online panel in all internet literate countries. Currently we are offering our panel services in India , Bangladesh, Singapore, China, Russia, USA, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, UAE, UK and maximum South Asian Countries. We are experiencing a satisfactory growth rate of our online panel in few more countries expecting to be operational with-in few years.

Empowered by our active panel members, structured online panel and our efficient project management team, we made your data collection easier, perfect and cheaper.